Dan Pánek. Still from 'Deti Nagana'

Dan Pánek. Still from 'Deti Nagana'

Director: Dan Pánek

Four awards for Děti Nagana/Big Dreams | 55th Ota Hofman Children's Film and Television Festival

The creators and protagonists of the film Children of Nagana left the festive finale of the 55th Ota Hofman Children's Film and Television Festival with four awards. It thus became the most successful film of the festival. However, the most valuable prize, the Children's Audience Award, went to the fairy tale Krakonoš's Secret from Ostrov.

Czech Television producer Matěj Stehlík accepted the award from the children's viewers who watched the film at the festival. “I'm just representing screenwriter Barbara Johnson here, so I won't tell you much. Generally speaking, however, I am glad that fairy-tale creation works on Czech television. She tries to create at least one premiere every year, even though in the case of Krakonoš's secret she was only a co-producer," said Stehlík.

According to him, voices are being heard that fairy tales are an outdated format. "However, even this award is proof that they still appeal to young viewers," added the producer.

The most successful movie

"The words of a classic: I really didn't expect it!" This is how Dan Pánek, the director of the film Children of Nagana, reacted to the whirlwind of festival awards. "We hoped that the children might like the film, but we really didn't think that it would be like this," he added.

The children of Nagano were especially singled out by the children's judges. They awarded the film the victory in the category of films for children under 12 years of age, and the prize for the best acting performance went to the two main child protagonists, Johana Racková and Tom Branton.

"I am very happy for you. If they want to continue their acting career, they could be a huge motivation for them," added the director.

Receivers are more important

The child actors themselves are not completely clear in this regard yet. "I have completed some castings, but now the most important thing for me are the high school admissions that await me next year. I would like to go to the gym," confided Johana Racková.

So is Tom Branton. He also goes to castings, but no other project is planned yet.

In addition to the children's judges, the Children of Nagano were also appreciated by their adult colleagues. In their opinion, this is a thought-provoking film about essential human abilities that have the power to change the world for the better. "In other words, about the meaning of teamwork and self-belief," wrote the jurors explaining why they decided to award the film.


Petr Kozohorský (2023) Čtyři ceny pro Děti Nagana, na festivalu bodovalo i Krakonošovo tajemství. IDNES.CZ