Ray Talent Agency
So you can focus on your craft.

Our mission
Connecting Exceptional Talent

Through global, all-round representation, we are committed to bridge the gap between world-class talent and production leaders. The core of our mission lies in building lasting trust and creating valuable possibilities, locally and beyond. Our collaboration with other renowned agencies abroad enables us to bring forth and expand optimum opportunities in a diverse and volatile environment. 

We believe a harmonious, transparent, and smooth cooperation in a team of creatives generates unrivaled quality. Our aim is to undertake anything peripheral to your art, by tackling details and technicalities, ensuring all specifics are in place for you to thrive. We help you navigate the complexities of the entertainment world and make it our business to relieve you of any unnecessary tasks, so you focus on your craft.

Our story
Providing the Space for Creatives

Inspired by heartfelt conversations with industry experts, we decided it was time to put to use our experience and valuable contacts in the entertainment industry, to provide the space for creatives and producers to connect.

The need for solid support and guidance for the two components to meet and create was what catapulted us forward.

With first-hand experience in the dynamic and fluid environment of film and television in Greece, Europe, and the United States, we understand that, now more than ever, it is vital for creatives to re-invent their visibility for a more resilient, healthy, long-term and powerful presence.

This is where it made absolute sense for us to come in.

The Founders
Athena Xenidou
Ronan Le Du