Actor: Dimitris Kitsos

"Listening" to what Ethalia Papakosta and Dimitris Kitsos say on Flix | ‘Listen’ Premiere

The two protagonists of "Listen," Maria Ntouza's new film, speak on Flix.

The new film by Maria Ntouza, "Listen," which premiered at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 2023, has traveled the world and is already playing in theaters. It follows Valmira, a deaf girl who must leave the safety of her life at the school for the deaf and meet her father and his new family on a Greek island. In the background is rural Greece and all the hypocrisy it brings, the middle-aged still bearing the scars of the economic crisis, the youth remaining "wild," heirs to patriarchy and fear of anything different.

In the challenging role of Valmira, we meet Euthalia Papakosta in her first major cinematic appearance, and we encounter Dimitris Kitsos again, who from "Park" until now constantly proves to be one of the most interesting actors today. They spoke to Flix about their experience filming, the diversity, and how difficult it is nowadays to listen to each other.

"What does 'Listen' mean to you?"

Euthalia Papakosta

"It's a sweet film that aims to share a story with character portraits in vulnerable positions, showing how they eventually realize they would be stronger if they truly listened to each other rather than struggling alone or against each other."

Dimitris Kitsos

"My memories from the rehearsal and filming period in Chios and the friendships I built. Amidst the second lockdown, we were fortunate to work, and in exceptional conditions at that. It was spring; we stayed in one of the medieval villages of Chios, traveled, swam, laughed, bonded, and dreamed!"

"What made you say yes when you read the script for the film?"


"Maria Ntousa, with whom we had our first meeting on Mount Lycabettus due to the lockdown, and I felt safe; the honesty and sincerity of the script; and Valmyra, whom I wanted to represent and defend alongside."


"Initially, I had discussed Maria's film about two years before filming. At that time, she had offered me the role of Marios, played by Nikos Koukas. I had some reservations due to age reasons, as I was considerably older than the character, and at a point where I wanted to stop playing such roles. When we talked again two years later, she suggested the role of Aris. Reading the script, I connected a lot with this character and his journey in the film. Also, discussing and seeing how Maria worked in our early meetings and the communication we had, I realized it would be one of those rare collaborations."


Christos Bakatselos (2024) "Listening" to what Ethalia Papakosta and Dimitris Kitsos say on Flix | ‘Listen’ Premiere. FLIX (GR)