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Georgia’s journey from a decade in advertising to a celebrated screenwriter is marked by success and versatility. After winning a national contest with her short film “Moments of Wisdom,” she pursued screenwriting at the American College of Greece.

Her achievements include creating “Paris and Helen,” a 12-episode dark comedy for ANT1tv, and co-writing eight international series remakes for major Greek TV networks. In 2021, she served as the Head Writer for a 75-episode family soap on Alpha TV. She’s a 2020 Serial Eyes scholarship winner (Berlin, German TV and film Academy).

Georgia’s script “Babython,” exploring infertility and parenthood, gained traction by being optioned in Greece and making it to the shortlist of the Studio21 Drama Series competition. It also earned recognition at the POFF TvBeats co-financing forum and won the Collaborative Future Award at Seriencamp in Cologne (2023).

In addition to her screenwriting success, Georgia is a respected story consultant, freelance copywriter, and children’s stories author. She shares her expertise as a storytelling seminar tutor, rounding out her impactful presence in the world of storytelling.