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Romina Katsikian is an actress based in Greece. Born in Rome, Italy and actually being named
after this city, she was raised in several countries around the world, including Egypt, Italy,
Switzerland before finally going back home to Greece. Having the Armenian origin and having
gone to English schools all her life, she is trilingual as she speaks English, Greek and Armenian.
Her love for the theatre started at the young age of 11 when she started performing in school
plays and later entered drama competitions where she achieved very good reviews while also
winning the drama award upon finishing high-school. She later went on to study Drama and
English literature at Brunel University in London.
Upon returning to Greece, she has performed in many projects including children’s theatre and in
T.V series while also keeping busy with performing in Theatre shows. Some of her most notable
work would be the T.V show ‘Ethniki Ellados,’ written by George Kapoutsidis , the theatre plays,
‘Passport’, written and directed by Manos Karatzogiannis, ‘Remind me why we came here,’
written by Vassilis Tsigristaris and directed by Stamatis Patronis, and ‘Mechanical Falls,’ a play
based on Sotis Triandafillou book with the same title. Her most recent work includes an American
production, ‘Home Exchange Nightmare,’ directed by Richard Switzer. Among others, she has
also been a guest on many T.V shows. To this date she has also been the creator of a comedy
series on Tik Tok where she portrays various heroines, satirizing truths about society.