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Stavros Terlikkas is a highly skilled Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, and Post Production Mixer with a wealth of experience spanning numerous years in the sound recording and mixing industry. Renowned for his professional expertise and dedication, Terlikkas has become a pivotal figure in audio production, contributing his talents to a diverse array of projects including feature films, short films, TV shows, and documentaries. He firmly believes in the crucial role sound plays in the cinematic experience, often asserting that “Half of the storytelling ability is sound.” Notable among his extensive portfolio are projects such as the Love Rat Channel 5 TV series, the French feature film Tigres et Hyènes, and short films like Taxi, Milk Rose, and Athalassa. Additionally, Terlikkas has lent his expertise to feature films such as Antio Koproskyla, along with Hollywood productions like Jiu Jitsu, starring Niclas Cage and Profile. Across these endeavors, Terlikkas’s adeptness in sound recording, design, and mixing has consistently elevated storytelling