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Minos Papas is an award-winning Cinematographer with over 25 years of professional experience. His journey began at the age of 16, pulling focus on 16mm for a German ZDF TV crew. Hailing from a family of acclaimed filmmakers, Minos was immersed in the world of film from a young age, growing up on sets, in castings, and in projection booths.

In 1999, Minos moved from Cyprus to New York City to formalize his film education at the School of Visual Arts. He excelled in his studies, earning the school’s best cinematography award. Following this achievement, he established Cyprian Films, New York (CFNY), focusing on creating independent films and commercial videos.

Minos’ cinematographic work has garnered significant acclaim, with his films being sold and distributed commercially, screened at major festivals including Sundance, and winning awards at the Tribeca Film Festival and the NY EMMYs. He is a proud member of the Director’s Guild of Cyprus.

Throughout his career, Minos has had the privilege of working with renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese and filming esteemed actress Scarlett Johansson. His work has been favorably compared to that of David Lynch in the press, highlighting his distinctive visual style and storytelling prowess.

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