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Dimitra Giatrakou is an award-winning makeup and prosthetics designer who has worked on a wide range of projects across film, television, advertising, and theatre. Her career has evolved across various film genres, including contemporary, period, fantasy, and action movies. Her talents are diverse, ranging from Beauty, Airbrushing for face and body to Tattoo creation, Prosthetics and Facial hair. She has a broad background of experience in the industry, particularly in collaborating with major Greek and foreign film production companies.

She trained at East Coast School for Makeup in New York, USA. Throughout her career, she has attended numerous seminars and workshops in various countries, broadening her knowledge and expertise in makeup artistry and special effects within the film industry. These experiences have provided her with invaluable insights into the latest global techniques, trends, and best practices, allowing her to enhance her skills and stay at the forefront of innovation in this dynamic field.

Awards and nominations:
2022 Winner, Best Makeup & Special Effects – Smyrna
2020 Winner, Best Makeup – Eftyhia
2014 Nominee, Best Makeup – The Enemy Within