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EK, working in association with Ray Talent Agency to produce masterclasses in intimacy coordination for film and television.

Elle McAlpine and Katharine Hardman, with over a decade of professional experience in acting, teaching, and movement direction, bring a distinctive and diverse skill set to the industry. Trained under Ita O’Brien of Intimacy on Set, they are well-prepared to navigate the nuanced landscape of sexual content and nudity in Theatre, TV, and Film.

Recognizing the increasing demand for their expertise, McAlpine and Hardman not only advocate for actors but also provide essential support for both performers and crew. They excel in facilitating clear communication between production and performers and skillfully choreographing intimate scenes, fostering a professional and respectful environment on set.

In addition to their on-set contributions, McAlpine and Hardman are actively contributing to industry standards by conducting workshops. These workshops further emphasize their commitment to enhancing the industry’s approach to on-screen intimacy, ensuring a safe and inclusive space for creative professionals.