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Inessa Kraft is a professional actress with over 15 years of experience, interested in philosophy and human nature. She loves portraying adventurous and philosophical characters, whether they are happy, sad, nice, or evil, they are always inspiring.

Her fascination with philosophy and the genuine art of “living” rather than “acting mechanically” led her to study acting and pursue it as her profession.

Her portfolio includes lead roles in award-winning films, comedy viral videos, TV series, and official travel films & videos for Tourism Ministries. Inessa has both acted in and directed a series of viral videos for a popular entertainment channel on social media, with each video bringing the channel 10-100 million viewers.

Inessa regularly hosts workshops on acting and emotional intelligence. 

As a commercial actress and presenter, Inessa captures moments of true happiness and brings a sparkle of life to web and TV commercials. She also hosts various informational, travel, and corporate videos, and does voice acting.

Inessa lives and works in Cyprus. Her international experience includes previous residencies in 10 countries and film work in over 20, with the longest stays in Cyprus, Greece, Austria, and Thailand.

Besides her film work, Inessa is passionate about horse riding and interested in animal communication, professionally dances tango, and performs in comedy improv theater.