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Yorgos Zafeiris transitioned from mathematics to filmmaking, studying at FAMU in Prague and specializing in Digital Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Since 2013, he’s been a distinguished editor, collaborating with acclaimed directors on notable films like “Fingernails” (dir. Christos Nikou, premiered in Telluride Film Festival), “Apples” (dir. Christos Nikou, premiered in Venice Film Festival), “The City and the City” (dir. Syllas Tzoumerkas – Christos Passalis,
premiered in Berlin International Film Festival), “Memoir of a Veering Storm” (dir. Sofia Georgovassili premiered in Berlin International Film Festival), and “On Xerxes’ Throne” (dir. Evi Kalogiropoulou, premiered in Cannes Film Festival). Zafeiris’s adept editing skills and creative vision have earned him recognition across international film festivals, showcasing his invaluable contribution to the cinematic landscape.