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Yannis Sakaridis, a celebrated filmmaker, achieved international acclaim with his film “Amerika Square” (2016), winning numerous awards and representing Greece at the Academy Awards. His debut, “Wild Duck” (2013), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

A veteran film editor with a rich London-based career on award-winning features and documentaries and many Cinema trailers for Warner Brothers International, Sakaridis returned to Athens. His award-winning short film “Truth” (2006) showcased his directorial talent. Now based in Athens, he not only directs but also co-produces shorts, documentaries, and features, all while developing his next project.
Yannis has mentored and taught at various film schools and he is currently the Artistic Director of Drama International Short Film Festival (DISFF) since 2020.

Sakaridis stands as a cinematic virtuoso, leaving an indelible mark on both international and Greek cinema.