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Jesus Garcés Lambert, lauded by Forbes Magazine as one of the most creative Mexicans in 2018, stands as a captivating storyteller with a diverse portfolio encompassing fiction film, documentary, theater, video art, and advertising. His narrative journey began in Mexico, where his storytelling experiments spanned various media from a young age.

Over two decades, he directed a compelling array of documentaries across genres, collaborating with prestigious producers like National Geographic, ZDF-Artè, History Channel, BBC, and others.His documentaries have left a global impact, with screenings in cinemas across 60 countries and appearances at prestigious festivals, including the Venice Film Festival. The universal resonance of his narratives is evident in broadcasts reaching audiences in over 180 countries. A standout achievement in his illustrious career is the Golden Globe Italy for Best Documentary Film in 2018, awarded for “Caravaggio: The Soul and the Blood” (2018) This recognition further solidifies Jesus’s position as a distinguished figure in the world of cinema.