she / her

Inessa Kraft sees the world as a beautiful place and is excited to share that beauty. She aims to tell visually beautiful stories with meaningful messages. For Inessa, magic is real, and she brings it to life through the stories she films.

According to reviews, her films do more than raise awareness; they also highlight the amazing opportunities around us. Her portfolio includes work screened at the United Nations and Eco Festivals, and the 2023 Cyprus International Film Festival, viral videos with 100M+ views, short films, and commercials.

Inessa writes and directs both in video production and independently, focusing on sustainability, education, connecting cultures, and adventures. She is a member of the European Women Audiovisual Network and Women in Film and Television Network.

Inessa has a background in professional acting and her desire to tell stories led her to directing. She studied Directing and Documentary Directing, currently writes to filmmaking blogs about Emotional Intelligence in film, and hosts filmmaking workshops and directing marathons.