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Audrey O’Reilly ably navigates the realms of writing and directing, earning acclaim for her short films at Cannes and winning the Prix du Public at Clermont Ferrand. Her TV series Teenage Cics is frequently rerun on TG4, while Clare Sa Speir is a staple on the Irish school curriculum. Audrey has written for global giants like Pandora and NBC Universal, collaborating with directors such as Jim Sheridan and Bille August. In 2020, she was recognized as one of the “20 writers to watch” at the UGC Writers Campus. Audrey’s got the knack for storytelling that goes beyond borders, and she’s making her mark in the world of writing.

Audrey’s film ‘Low Season’ was selected and participated in the 2022-2023 The Owl Screenwriting Workshop. Taking place in Greece, it’s represented by RAY and is currently in the development stage. As well as a multitude of award-winning short films, Audrey O’Reilly has written and directed a 6 part TV series ‘Teenage Cics’. Recently she has branched into directing continuing drama, including RTE’S Fair City’ and the hugely popular British soap opera ‘Eastenders’. Beyond her creative endeavours, Audrey is deeply committed to climate activism and refugee causes, infusing her work with a blend of humor and humanity. As a visionary storyteller, she continues to shape narratives that transcend geographical boundaries.