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Growing up behind cameras, in a dark room, experimenting with images, Sofronis honed his visual storytelling skills. Encouraged by his high school principal, he began his journey as a professional still photographer. His time at Vancouver Film School in Canada was transformative.

Currently freelancing as a Director of Photography & Still Photographer, Sofronis navigates various digital formats while cherishing the unforgettable experience of shooting on 16mm & 35mm motion film. He serves a diverse clientele, locally and internationally, always eager for innovative projects. Occasionally directing, he crafts projects that stimulate the senses.

He finds joy in color correction, using it to enhance the mood and atmosphere of his work. Manipulating photography to suit each concept, he creates captivating visuals. His photographic exhibition, ‘PARALLEL’, showcased moments captured under the influence of Infrared light, exploring parallel lives and memories, and the struggle to be present.