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Romanna Lobach, a captivating Ukrainian-born Greek actress, artist, and producer, is the visionary founder of AKRAN, weaving her cinematic magic with roles in acclaimed films like “Olla” (2019) and “Midnight Skin” (2023). She studied acting at the Athens Conservatoire and gained experience in the advertising industry, working as a creative copywriter for the advertising agency McCann. 

She first appeared on screen at the age of 11, taking on roles in more than 25 feature and short films that have been screened at the most prestigious festivals in Europe and North America. Among her best known roles are her work on Ariane Labed’s Olla (2019) and Manolis Mavris’s Midnight Skin (2023). In her practice, Lobach is intrigued by the possibilities offered by feminist and experimental filmmaking strategies, collaborative working environments, transmediality and indigenous cinema.